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Unlock the power of conversation. Convert, support, and retain customers with the AI suite built for ecommerce

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Reduce costs

Cut costs by automating responses across all your channels and building an ultra-productive team.
automation rate
more productive agents
of customers hit their response goals

Resolve 70%+ tickets automatically

Focus on what matters. Zowie works across all channels, from chat and email to text and social, delivering support in 175 languages.

Get more done every day

Fewer clicks, faster AI tools, and streamlined tasks allow you to solve 1.5x more tickets daily. Give agents a solution they'll actually enjoy using.

Enjoy everything in one place

Stop switching systems to find the information you need. Zowie puts everything in one convenient location.

Reduce costs

Generate revenue

Unleash your customer support team's full potential. Zowie unlocks revenue once hidden in customer conversations.
increase in average order value
growth in conversion rates
drop in cart abandonment rate

Offer product advice

Turn visitors into customers by proactively helping them make the right decision.

Remove friction

Find and address what's preventing purchases. Identify hesitant customers and lower cart abandonment by instantly sorting out their top concerns.

Build long-lasting relationships

Don't stop the conversation after buy. Delight your customers with every interaction to improve lifetime value and keep them coming back.

Generate revenue

Delight your customers

Offer shoppers unforgettable experiences — whether they're from an agent or AI.
average agent CSAT score
drop in resolution times
increase in customer satisfaction

Be there when shoppers need you

Clear up issues with immediate, accurate answers. Customers get what they need right away.

Handle incidents like a pro

Mistakes happen, but they don't have to turn into major issues. Empower your team to handle returns, shipping delays, and damaged orders with a single click.

Personalize every interaction

Zowie provides a 360-degree customer view, letting you offer personalized support no matter the situation.

Delight your customers

We developed a specialized large language model (LLM) to meet the unique needs of ecommerce brands.
  • Designed for ecommerce
  • Highly trained
  • Tailored to your brand
  • Secure and private

Integrates with your existing

ecommerce stack

customer service stack

ecommerce stack

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“We uncovered $3 million in new revenue thanks to our support team’s conversations.
Zowie is a no-brainer.”
– Breanna Moreno, VP of CX at

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