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Welcome to the darkest stories of customer service...

...because the only thing we know for sure is that this Black Friday will be far different from those before. When most of the retail market comes to the Internet, some of you can get into trouble. Let’s see what may go wrong.

Status check

Imagine that thousands of customers decided to dress up in your eCommerce. Today, they are shooting questions at you.

"What is the status of my clothes?" Your customer service team has no time to respond efficiently. Your clients are furious.

Don't let that happen to you—meet Zowie.


You’re 666th in the queue

Imagine that you bought a new dress for your beloved wife. However, the color you picked is not right for her. You try to call the customer service to change it, but a not-so-lovely voice informs you that you're currently...

666th in the waiting queue. Don't let that happen to your customers—meet Zowie.


All the newbies

Imagine that your customer service team consists of many experts. The workload during Black Friday is expected to raise drastically, so you decide to enlarge the team. Everything should be plain sailing now…

However, it all backfires on you—not only do the experts have to worry about the customers, but also about the newbies who simply lack experience. Don't let that happen to your business—meet Zowie.


Worldwide attention

Scaling your customer service team on one market is hard. Imagine that you have the opportunity to scale it on a bigger scale—worldwide markets are waiting!

However, Black Friday is just around the corner, and the only language your customer service team knows is English. What about customers speaking Spanish, French, and German?

Don't let that happen to your customer service team—meet Zowie.


Meet Zowie, support for you and your team

Most messages from your customers are repeatable. Take advantage of that using our predefined Knowledge Base with 50 ready-to-use automations. Start your 7-day trial, now and enjoy 30% of automated traffic since day one.
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“In a matter of just two weeks, we were able to automate roughly 40% of customers' questions!”

Ernest Dolega-Wolkowycki

Head Of Digital Product Design & Development

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