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10 Customer Service Resources to Help With Everyday Issues

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March 7, 2024
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Jonathan Sidor

We get it — finding success in customer service can be tough. 

And with so much info out there — all the how-tos, guides, and gurus — support professionals may not know where to turn for practical advice on their biggest problems.

If you’re looking for some clear and concise help — we’ve got you. Here’s our comprehensive list of the best customer service resources agents can use for reference to assist with their most common customer issues. 

Understanding AI

1. Zowie’s AI Dictionary

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a buzzword in customer service — it’s redefining how support teams interact with customers and empowering agents to achieve more than ever before.

But the tech terms surrounding AI can be a bit daunting. Never fear — Zowie’s AI Dictionary spells them all out in plain English. From chatbots and self-service to generative AI and knowledge base, get easy definitions to over 50 need-to-know words and phrases to stay on top of the latest trends driving innovation in customer support.

check out Zowie's AI dictionary for all your need-to-know AI terms and definitions
2. The Smarter Way to Serve Customers: AI for Customer Service

Grasping the ins and outs of AI is one thing, but knowing how to leverage it to improve your customer service team is equally important. IBM’s thought-provoking webinar answers some of the top questions surrounding AI’s applications in customer support today.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how generative AI is transforming the online customer service experience and gain insights into real organizations already using this technology. Hosted by IBM’s own consultants, this is a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand just how profound AI’s potential is in producing great customer service.

Handling challenging situations

3. How to Deal With Difficult Customers: A Complete Guide

Knowing how to speak with a frustrated customer is one of the most important — and often neglected — customer service skills. Thankfully, Indeed, a leading employment website, offers an actionable guide packed with career advice for reps looking to handle customer complaints more effectively.

Whether it's remaining calm or practicing active listening, this article lists 9 strategies — complete with examples — for taking on angry, demanding, and critical shoppers. Compiled by customer relationship management (CRM) experts, these proactive tips help team members address customer needs and make sure more shoppers walk away happy.

4. Customer Complaints Are Good for CX — Mastering Complaints Management

This webinar from Forrester dives deep into the issues of customer complaints and offers a set of strategies service departments can use to turn these difficult conversations into opportunities.

Forrester’s expert analyst guides you through ways to detect customer dissatisfaction and techniques for transforming upset shoppers into loyal buyers. Customer complaints can actually drive an improved customer experience — you just have to know how to produce more engaging customer interactions.

use Zowie Business Intelligence to turn conversations into data-driven insights

Improving your skills

5. How to Improve Your Team’s Customer Service Writing Skills

A recent survey found that 73% of shoppers leave a brand after a single bad experience. That’s why each message — and every word — agents write is the foundation for good customer service in any organization.

But writing for customer service is easier said than done. Thankfully, Grammarly has put together a customer service blog for anyone looking to improve their communication skills. Support reps can gain insights into simplifying their language and encouraging questions from customers to give more effective responses and resolve tickets faster. You’ll also learn how to streamline workflows and respond to customer feedback more efficiently.

6. How to Speak to Anyone & Be Fearless — in Less Than 55 Min

Soft skills, those abilities that allow people to communicate effectively with one another, are becoming an increasingly important part of customer service training. If you don’t have a knack for active listening, negotiating, or conflict resolution, rest assured — numerous customer service resources can help you sharpen these skills.

Online education platform Udemy, for instance, offers a free on-demand public speaking boot camp that can act as your onboarding. You’ll gain insights into speaking clearly, building rapport, showcasing your charisma, and more. And these general skills can easily be applied to meeting customer expectations and driving customer loyalty. 

Boosting productivity

7. Step Into a New Era of Ecommerce Customer Service 

Enjoying greater productivity is often about having the right tools at your disposal. This webinar from Zowie dives into the latest innovative solutions that optimize how customer service agents receive, manage, and respond to tickets.

Available on demand, the recording offers a tour of existing omnichannel platforms and describes how they can improve your help desk’s metrics. Learn how agents can leverage AI to drive sales and deliver exceptional customer service. You’ll also find out why features like smart ticket routing, auto-assignment, and keyboard shortcuts are key to offering customers and agents the most efficient experience on the market.

learn more about Zowie Inbox
8. 10 Simple Ways to Become More Productive at Work

No professional field is immune to the threat of sluggish workplace performance. We’ve all struggled with time management, multitasking, and getting through tasks efficiently at some point or another. But just because you may be stuck in a rut right now doesn’t mean you’re trapped in a vicious circle of low output for good.

Resources like this blog post from Indeed spell out small tweaks you can make to your work routine to kickstart your productivity. And they’re all applicable to customer service reps. Pointers like setting small objectives and taking regular breaks can work wonders for anyone needing a pick-me-up.

Staying up to date

9. Top Customer Service Trends & Priorities for 2024

Customer service is an ever-changing field. More often than not, achieving success is a matter of staying on top of the latest trends and developments. Gartner’s comprehensive 2024 report helps readers better grasp the state of customer service today — and where it’s heading tomorrow.

Based on surveys from hundreds of support leaders, the report is a valuable resource for teams looking to set up benchmarks and strategic priorities. It offers a clear picture of the biggest challenges service teams will likely face and innovative solutions for overcoming them.   

10. Ten Customer Service and CX Predictions for 2024

What will set the standard for great customer service in the months ahead? It seems like everyone with a headset may have their own guess. Thankfully, you can count on more than just your gut. Let Forbes’ predictions guide you in determining what’s most likely to shape the customer experience in the months ahead.

Get insights into topics like consumer preferences, the shifting role of agents, and the continued rise of AI. These predictions are vital for anyone seeking a firm understanding of both where customer service stands now and how it’ll evolve in the near future. 

Bonus content

Stay ahead of the curve with these entertaining resources worth following, listening to, or watching:

  • Maja Schaefer - an AI entrepreneur and advocate for turning customer service teams into revenue centers
  • Jeanne Bliss - a keynote speaker who is passionate about support-driven growth
  • Shep Hyken - a best-selling author with a massive social media following who works with brands to produce excellent customer service
  • Blake Morgan - a CX futurist and podcast host who evangelizes building a customer-centric culture
  • Experience This! - a program that showcases inspirational examples of customer service from the real world, along with tips on improving customer satisfaction
  • The Official SaaStr Podcast - a production focused on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sphere that shares expert insights into tactics and strategies needed for success in customer support and elsewhere
  • Beyond the Queue - a podcast from Stonly that examines the human side of customer support leadership 
YouTube channels
  • Behind the Brand - a series that shares stories of successful innovators to help viewers improve their own performance
  • CSM Practice - a channel dedicated to customer service professionals looking to increase customer retention and revenue

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