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Say goodbye to your email backlog with Email Ticket Automation

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July 27, 2022
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Jon Sidor

Today we’re thrilled to announce our most innovative feature to date, Email Ticket Automation. Zowie’s Emailbot is a market first—a truly automated email support experience, already capable of fully automating 30% of order-related email tickets.

Why does this matter?

For ecommerce brands, email tickets are highest in volume (up to 70% vs. other channels), take the longest to resolve (24-72 hours), and cost the most to the organization (3-4x more vs. chat). This backlog leads to long resolution times, dissatisfied customers, less synchronous communication, and CS teams swamped with repetitive tasks. No solution has offered an automated and synchronous experience to fix this—until now.

“This is a game changer—not just for Customer Service teams but the entire ecommerce organization. Automation is the core of what we do at Zowie, but we don’t stop there,” CEO and Co-Founder Maja Schaefer says. “Imagine what teams can accomplish with 30% less time spent on email. That’s more time talking to clients synchronously and selling more online. This type of automation is the necessary first step towards CS-driven revenue and broader company growth.”

How does it work?

Zowie's Emailbot uses Zowie X1™, a proprietary AI language model built for ecommerce, to recognize intent and questions via email. Unlike scripted question-and-answer database solutions, Email Ticket Automation intelligently recognizes the 20-60% of emails that can be successfully automated. Customers are offered to handle their issue immediately in a chatbot experience, and the email ticket is resolved on the first touch—without getting a human agent involved

The benefits of the new release include:

  • 30% of order-related tickets automated
  • 6h decrease in resolution time
  • 20% increase in CSAT
  • More synchronous communication/chances to sell

Zowie’s customers are already seeing incredible results.

Out of the box, Zowie is built for ecommerce, and customers reap the benefits of Zowie’s unrivaled time to value. Unlike many AI solutions that take months to implement, Zowie can be up and running within two weeks. Email Ticket Automation is currently available for Zowie customers with a Zendesk or Gorgias integration

To learn more about Zowie's Emailbot; speak with a Zowie rep today.