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3 Ways to Kickstart Your Ecommerce Growth With Customer Service Automation

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January 5, 2023
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Jonathan Sidor

You need a powerful automation solution in your toolkit if you want to deliver superior customer service at scale.

In our recent webinar, Building an Ecommerce Brand From the Ground Up, Burju Perez, founder and owner of Burju Shoes, shared three ways that intuitive automation from Zowie has been instrumental in achieving ecommerce success. Here are some highlights: 

Watch Zowie's on-demand webinar featuring Burju Perez, owner and founder of Burju Shoes

3 ways to grow your ecommerce business with customer service automation 

1. Personalize each experience

One of customer service automation’s primary functions is to ease your agents’ workload by handling their most repetitive tasks. With Zowie, CS agents at Burju Shoes gain the time to recreate the in-store experience for every visitor to their website. 

This means giving each shopper a personal consultation concerning the kind of shoe they’re looking for, whether that’s sizing advice, color information, or functionality. After these conversations, the customer has done everything short of virtually trying on the shoes. 

But automation’s ability to deliver tailor-made experiences doesn’t stop there. Burju can also offer assistance to customers proactively. Rather than having shoppers struggle to find what they’re looking for, Burju’s agents can step in whenever they see a visitor stuck on a product or order page and immediately provide help.  

Equipped with Zowie, Burju’s support agents (also known as relationship experts) can identify customer needs so accurately that the company’s order return rate is consistently 30% below the industry average

“Automation helps us serve several people much faster by making these processes as efficient as possible without losing the authentic, genuine connection. ”
— Burju Perez
2. Amplify your brand voice

The best automation tools don’t stop at resolving your most common questions. They create an experience where shoppers feel like they’re talking to a real person as well. For Burju Shoes, this ability is critical in turning engaged followers into loyal customers. 

With Zowie, Burju has built customized responses that fit their brand voice, which customers will recognize from their website and social media pages. Instead of greeting visitors with a standard Hello, Burju’s virtual assistant welcomes them with lines that give each interaction Burju Shoes’ distinct style.  

The company also uses automation to amplify its voice to more customers. Because support agents aren’t bogged down with repetitive questions, they can instead use this time to respond to every mention Burju Shoes gets from the brand’s dedicated social media followers.

Going one step further, Zowie stores customer info like name, location, and purchase history, letting Burju Shoes give customers the full red-carpet treatment. Shoppers receive unique discounts, VIP access, and tailored recommendations for the products that are most relevant to them.

“Whether someone becomes your customer or not ultimately comes down to the relationship. Zowie makes sure our voice is there and allows us to have conversations. Automation frees us up to actually help people and write authentic, thoughtful messages.
— Burju Perez
3. Deliver a scalable solution

Customer support automation is designed to scale with you—allowing you to spend less time answering incoming questions and instead focus on growing your emerging business. 

Through automation, Burju Perez has been able to keep her team lean and mean, even as their order volume progressively expanded. Furthermore, as her business continues to grow, it’ll be able to keep up with this larger audience without the need to hire additional agents. 

That’s because automation doesn’t just answer incoming questions. It allows each team member to efficiently and effectively take care of more work. It also frees them up to deliver the experience that makes the brand truly special.  

For Burju Shoes, this time is used to nurture and grow their social media following, which has topped 85,000 followers on Instagram. Through a mix of fun and educational videos, Burju has been able to expand their reach far wider—and for a considerably lower cost—than traditional advertising would have allowed. 

What does this look like? Burju Shoes’ projected revenue growth for 2023 sits at 50%, yet they continue to serve all their customers with two support agents.

“We only have two people managing our whole customer service. Zowie has made that possible. With the volume we normally see, we’d probably need a team of 10 or more if we didn’t have an automation solution.” 
— Burju Perez

See automation’s real impact

Customer service automation is vital for ecommerce brands looking to get off the ground and stand out from the crowd. It’s transformed Burju Shoes into a thriving, innovative brand, and it can do the same for you.

To learn how Burju leveraged next-level customer service and innovative marketing to create a name for themselves in online retail, watch our full webinar with Burju Perez, Building an Ecommerce Brand From the Ground Up, available on demand.

Learn how Burju Shoes leveraged next-level customer service with Zowie. Click on the image to watch the webinar.