What would you do with no ticket backlog?

Don’t get burned by an outdated chatbot. Achieve unmatched automation levels–across every channel–with the only platform built specifically for businesses who sell online.

Start AutomatingZowie automatically offers recommendations based on frequent customer  questions
chats automated
within 4 weeks
of order-related email tickets fully automated
2 hrs
saved per agent per day

Eliminate your ticket backlog with Zowie

Automate from day one

We’ve done the work to remove all hurdles to build powerful automations so you don’t have to.

Zowie is pre-trained to answer the top 100 most common questions brands encounter so you can start automating immediately with just the click of a button.

Zowie comes prebuilt with more than 120 recommendations

Zowie learns what is unique to your business

So you're probably thinking “yes, but my customers have their own set of unique questions I don’t think Zowie can help with”. Not so fast.

With each interaction, Zowie learns exactly what is unique to your business and customers and will automatically recommend new automations to build, often before you even recognize the issue.

Zowie learns your business and offers unique recommendations based on your customer FAQs

Works on all channels

Your customers demand immediate support on their preferred channel. Don’t keep them waiting.

Whether it be chat, email, or social media, Zowie is able to provide industry leading automation with no extra lift on your part.

Zowie can be integrated into all of your support channels from instagram to Microsoft Teams

Take control of what you do and don't automate

There’s nothing scarier than a chatbot providing a high value customer with the wrong answer. Shudder.

Zowie recognizes 97% of all chats, so it knows exactly what it should and should not automate,  ensuring each customer is connected with the agent best equipped to handle their inquiry.

Zowie can ensures customer questions are instantly sent to the correct agent.

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