Deliver the gold standard in customer care

Provide a red carpet experience that makes every customer feel heard, valued and fully understood, all from one platform.

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more returning customers
different languages supported
increase in average CSAT scores

Deliver the gold-standard in customer care

Great customer care starts with automation

60% of all questions are repetitive. Your customers and agents want these automated.

With proper automation, customers get the instant resolution they crave and agents have more time to focus on their meaningful work.

Every customer is important, every problem isn't urgent

You know what tickets are most important for your business.

Whether it’s an angry customer or high value prospect, sleep easy knowing you're in total control of what gets solved first with Zowie.

Speak your customers' language

Make your agents multilingual overnight.

No matter the language–Spanish, German, French, or even Chinese–Zowie instantly translates your agents’ message into the language of your customer.

Offline experiences for an online world

Your customers crave personalized interactions, give it to them.

Know your customers’ location, weather, past purchase history, current cart, products viewed, past tickets, and humanize your customer support.

Unlock proactive support

Convert, delight, and retain more customers with well-timed proactive support.

High value customers stuck on the checkout page? Proactively chat with them. Customers having trouble picking the right size for an item? Send them a quiz to ensure quality. 

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