Zowie—the AI Chatbot with a brain that’s powering the world’s most trusted brands.

Zowie goes to work on your data to automate repetitive customer service questions.

Set up in seconds, automate in minutes. Zowie immediately automates 30% of requests, freeing up your human agents and helping you grow.

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1 Week

Automate 30%+ Answers


Reduction of Cost Per Ticket


You’re up and running in 1 day.

An AI Chatbot that Really Works

Get an AI chatbot in minutes, not months. Zowie is a self-learning AI that automates 30% of customer inquiries in 1 day and up to 92% in 6 weeks.

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zowie multichannel support

Zowie is Channel Agnostic

One click and Zowie runs automation on all your channels, giving you the power of pure omnichannel customer service. Integrate Zowie with any customer support software you’re using – Intercom, Zendesk, LiveChat, etc… Feel free to make changes, Zowie goes with you.

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zowie multilingual support

Zowie Speaks Your Language

One click and Zowie scales your customer service for different markets. That’s because Zowie is already trained to speak your language. Whether it’s English, Spanish, German, French or any of the 56 languages we support, you are ready to go!

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“Zowie automated 92% of our customer service inquiries, lightening the load for our customer service team.”

Anna Janik

Customer Care Director, InPost

zowie analyzes historical data

Learns from the Past

Zowie analyzes your historical chats, FAQ, and knowledge base and automatically learns which questions to automate.

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zowie learns from ongoing conversations

Observes the Present

Your FAQ is just a starting point. Zowie continues to analyze new questions and conversations, delivering infinitely more automation. Plus, our AI Chatbot often has insight that goes beyond what human experts can find. Zowie can tell when something new or unusual is happening, and let’s your team know how to handle the issue right away.

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zowie helps companies grow

Grows with You

Zowie is always learning. That process doesn’t end when you launch. That’s how Zowie stays fluid and can predict customer service changes. The benefit? You’re always covered, whether you experience traffic surges or viral growth.

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“In a matter of just two weeks, we were able to automate roughly 40% of customers’ questions!”

Ernest Dolega-Wolkowycki

Head Of Digital Product Design & Development, Aviva

zowie effortless automation

You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

Our mission is to make automation commonplace. That’s why we’ve made Zowie the easiest AND smartest solution on the market. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s true. Our AI Chatbot does the heavy lifting for you. You can sit back, relax, and do the things that are the most meaningful.

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zowie smart technology ai chatbot

The Smartest Technology at Your Fingertips

Worried that getting a chatbot means losing control or trusting a robot that spits out random answers? You don’t have to worry with Zowie. You control what Zowie automates. Our AI Chatbot identifies and clusters similar, repetitive questions, and then suggests an answer. All you have to do is give your click of approval. And with built-in analytics, you can keep track of your automation and progress.

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Ready for customer service automation that really works?