We’re going to
Grow LA Spring!

March 5, 2024
Valentine, Los Angeles
Main Stage, 10:05 AM PT

Unlock your New Revenue Channel: Customer Service

In under a year, True Classic brought in $3M in support-driven revenue. Visit the main stage at 10:05 am PT to listen the case study how we accomplish it together.

Breanna Moreno, VP of CX at True Classic and Maja Schaefer, CEO & Co-Founder at Zowie will share the potential rewards of infusing customer service into your sales channel.
CEO & Co–Founder
at Zowie
VP of Customer Experience at True Classic

Unlock the power
of conversation

Make money and save money with AI customer service built for ecommerce

Save money and make money

From automated responses across chat, email, SMS, social media to super productive team.

Unleash your customer support team's full potential. Zowie unlocks revenue once hidden in customer conversations.

Wow your customers

Offer unforgettable experiences that set you apart. Now, whether they're talking to an agent or AI, they'll enjoy immediate help that's always on-brand.

Secure a time to meet with the Zowie experts
at Grow LA

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