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UMZU Supplements Ecommerce Surge with Zowie

UMZU couldn't hire enough customer service agents to keep up with rapid online growth. With Zowie, UMZU satisfies its agents, customers, & bottom line.

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Chat Automation Gives Diagnostyka Service Fit for a Leader

Diagnostyka was receiving thousands of patient requests each day. With Zowie, 92% of customer service tickets were automated.

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Challengermode Automates 86% of Customer Support Tickets without Hiring New Agents

Challengermode was seeing exponential user growth. With Zowie, 86% of all customer service tickets were automated.

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Kross Turns Chat Automation into Valuable Team Member

Check how Kross contradicts all negative sentiment about automation and turns it into valuable team member.

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Giesswein Upgrades Zendesk and Shopify with Zowie for Better Support

Giesswein's rapid growth created challenges for their customer service team. Read how they found the right chat automation solution from Zowie.

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Aviva Automates 40% of Customer Inquiries in 2 Weeks

Aviva decided to automate their customer service during a digital transformation. They chose Zowie, and automated 40% of customer inquiries in 2 weeks! Find out how.

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ALAB Masters COVID Growth with Zowie

ALAB is one of the largest private networks of diagnostic laboratories in Poland. With Zowie, they automated 85% of inquiries. Check out our case to find out how.

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InPost Automated 92% of Millions of Customer Support Inquiries in Less Than a Year

InPost is a leading parcel delivery company. With Zowie, they automated 92% of their customer support inquiries! Check out our case study to find out how.

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"Zowie’s taking over all the simple–important but simple–repetitive tasks that could easily be automated."

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager, UMZU

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