Saucey Sees Tickets per Order Plummet After Three Months 67% Automation Rate

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“Of course Zowie helps us out with our CSAT and response times, but we’re really excited about how it brought down our number of cases per order. And it did it at lightning speed. Tickets per order dropped by 11% in just three months.”
Wendy Benner
Associate Director of Customer Operations

Meet Wendy

Wendy Benner is the Associate Director of Customer Operations at Saucey. Since customers can access Saucey’s’ services via website or mobile app, Wendy’s priority is providing all shoppers a consistent, speedy experience while streamlining operations.

The challenge

After seeing a substantial uptick in orders and revenue, Wendy noticed her tickets per order ratio climbing as well. There was a support ticket created for roughly 50% of Saucey’s orders.

On top of this, a recent migration to Salesforce proved problematic for Wendy’s team. This prompted Wendy to seek out a solution to address the following pain points:

  1. A rise in cases per order was reaching historical highs
  2. Previous tool implementations were time-consuming and complicated
  3. Wendy’s slim team needed a short time-to-value to preserve resources
“Our level of support tickets was really slowing us down. At one point, there was a ticket involved in about 50% of our orders. We knew we needed to attack these tickets from all angles, but we were worried about adding a bot. Other chatbots weren’t flexible and were a nightmare to implement.”
— Wendy Benner, Associate Director of Customer Operations

The solution

Wendy’s needs were straightforward, but she wasn’t sure if a solution that ticked all of her boxes existed. 

Her team was hesitant to bring an automation tool on board. After observing that established enterprise chatbots couldn’t give her a custom-built solution, Wendy found Zowie’s all-in-one toolset flexible enough to fit her needs to a tee. 

Zowie brought Saucey:

  • Hassle-free implementation with unrivaled time to value
  • A sustainable stopper that reduces cases per order
  • Automation levels that help agents offer swift service and complete sales  
“Integrating with Zowie couldn’t have been easier, and we started to see tickets drop almost immediately. Onboarding was pleasant and transparent. Also, Zowie can build custom features whenever we need them, something other solutions didn’t provide.”
— Wendy Benner, Associate Director of Customer Operations

The result: Custom automations built in no time

Wendy’s team at Saucey was instantly satisfied with how easy it was to onboard Zowie. The bot was fully operational with no IT support needed, and training the bot to improve performance down the line was simple. 

In as little as three months, Saucey saw the following results: 

  • Automation rate: 67%
  • Decrease in cases per order: 11%
  • Monthly automated chats: 1800
“In a single quarter, Zowie is achieving the number one objective we had for it—cases per order have already fallen 11%. We’re still expecting greater reductions down the road. We’re nearing 2000 monthly automations, and the better we train Zowie, the higher that figure will go.”
— Wendy Benner, Associate Director of Customer Operations

Automate at lightspeed for streamlined success

Wendy wanted her operations running smoothly without sacrificing the sky-high service standards her team had already established.

Zowie enables ecommerce brands to scale without roadblocks like repetitive questions, long wait times, and ticket backlogs.

And you don’t need to overhaul your tech stack to get it up and running. 

Zowie integrates with all major ecommerce and customer service platforms and delivers results from day one. 

Automated chat from Zowie could be just what your ecommerce brand needs to jumpstart your customer service.   

“Our experience so far has been great, and we want to utilize Zowie as much as possible moving forward. When we roll out our service on our mobile app, we want Zowie right there with us, cutting down on more tickets and costs.” 
— Wendy Benner, Associate Director of Customer Operations

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