Answear Delivers Support in 8 Different Languages With Zowie

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Answear Delivers Support in 8 Different Languages With Zowie

“Zowie removes one of the most frustrating things in customer service—repetitive questions. Free from this time-consuming work, our agents are more productive, which in turn brings customers greater satisfaction. We can even base our business decisions on the insights Zowie presents. The value added is immense.”
Kasia Nowakowska
Head of Customer Service PL

Meet Kasia

Kasia Nowakowska is the Head of Customer Service at Answear. When it comes to finding tools to bolster her support team, she leans towards user-friendly solutions that bring immediate results. 

The challenge

As Answear’s business continued to grow, so too did their number of support tickets. Without a way to automate parts of the process, a majority of these questions were coming in over the phone - leaving Kasia’s team of just five agents struggling to keep up. 

She began seeking help in handling the following challenges:

  1. Finding an efficient way to reduce increasingly long wait times on Answear’s telephone helpline 
  2. Identifying system upgrades that could keep up with Answear’s accelerated growth, and reduce the strain on their support team  
  3. Addressing agent skepticism of using an automated solution by implementing one that’s immediately beneficial and easy to use
“We were going through historic growth, and customers just couldn’t get through to us via telephone. We knew we’d need a new service channel to give customers direct support and handle the many formulaic, repetitive questions we were seeing. While hesitant at first, our team quickly realized Zowie was a huge asset. Customers could finally talk to an agent in real time.”
— Kasia Nowakowska, Head of Customer Service

The solution

Kasia needed a solution that would allow them to serve their customers in real time, delivering accurate, personalized responses to their shoppers’ most pressing questions. Knowing this would be impossible without intuitive automation, she opted to launch both the chatbot and live chat simultaneously. 

Furthermore, Kasia needed a solution that was easy to implement and designed with ecommerce in mind. She knew Answear’s ecommerce rivals were starting to consider automation solutions as well, and she didn’t want them to fall behind. 

Kasia assessed a number of available AI chatbots, but Zowie was the clear winner because it brought Answear:

  • Unmatched time to value thanks to its no-fuss setup and out-of-the-box automations 
  • Tailor-made automation recommendations with a chatbot that was constantly and independently learning
  • Multilingual support, offering Answear an automated solution for all of its international markets
“Instead of relying on our phone support, customers can now go to the chatbot, where the bulk of their questions get automated. We wanted the chatbot on our live chat from day one to give customers the best experience possible. Zowie learns so fast making it so easy to train. We can add automations on the go and even translate responses for our international markets.”
— Kasia Nowakowska, Head of Customer Service

The result: Real-time support at your fingertips

Once the Zowie-equipped live chat launched, Answear’s most repetitive questions were now resolved by Zowie, allowing the Customer Service team to swiftly improve metrics like response times and first contact resolution. Better still, Zowie was simple enough for Kasia to train the chatbot and add new automations by herself, requiring only six hours a month to do so.

Answear enjoys the following results with Zowie:

  • Recognition rate: 64%
  • Revenue growth: 67%
  • CSAT score: 90%
  • Drop in phone support tickets: 20%
  • Languages the chatbot operates in: 8

Most importantly, Kasia’s immediate need for real-time support—is fully addressed. Customers who need immediate assistance no longer have to wait for a representative over the phone. Instant answers from the chatbot are just a click away.

“Zowie brings us unbeatable speed. We can completely resolve a question and just move on to the next one—not even email lets us do that. The chatbot is instrumental in us hitting our KPIs. Our first contact resolution has gone up, and our rising CSAT scores highlight how much customers appreciate Zowie’s impact too.”
— Kasia Nowakowska, Head of Customer Service

A chatbot that drives business decisions

In addition to addressing their automation needs,  Zowie has empowered Answear to make more-informed business decisions. 

Zowie constantly brings forward the most common questions customers are asking and suggests solutions to automate them. Answear actively monitors these suggestions from Zowie and uses them to improve the entire product experience and verify important strategic decisions.

For ecommerce brands like Answear, automated support from Zowie gives customers faster answers, provides  a boon for agent productivity, and delivers organization-wide help.

“Zowie helps our team get through our hottest periods. We’re totally pleased with its performance so far, and it just keeps getting better. It’s so intuitive that I can make tweaks on my own to make sure we’re constantly in touch with our customers’ most urgent needs.” 
— Kasia Nowakowska, Head of Customer Service

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