EmpireCovers Hits 59% Chat Resolution by Leveraging Zowie

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EmpireCovers Hits 59% Chat Resolution by Leveraging Zowie

“If serving customers is the most important thing, Zowie is the system for you. It’s taken our customer service to another level.”
Emily Spatucci Pages
Customer Service Manager

Meet Emily

Emily Spatucci is the Customer Service Manager at EmpireCovers. With over a decade of experience in customer care, she’s committed to satisfying shoppers and believes effective service is a key driver of organizational growth.  

The challenge

2020 brought an unprecedented uptick in customer requests, overwhelming customer service agents with incoming phone calls, emails, and chats. Sound familiar?

With her team at their breaking point and frustrated with “automated” chatbots that were incapable of true ticket deflection, Emily knew she needed to look elsewhere.

She needed a solution that: 

  1. Could fully deflect incoming questions
  2. Offered customization and tailor-made plugins 
  3. Came built to handle rapid ecommerce growth
  4. Was backed by a partner invested in her team’s continued success 

In addition, Emily needed help fast from a solution that could be up and running in days, not months.

“Originally, we basically had an all-hands-on-deck, learn-as-you’re-doing situation. I answered three to six chats at a time, and so did my supervisor. We just couldn’t keep up and needed more help.”
— Emily Spatucci Pages, Customer Service Manager

The solution

In Zowie, Emily found a partner who addressed her specific situation and could craft a custom solution. Zowie delivered EmpireCovers: 

  1. Industry-leading recognition and resolution rates 
  2. A flexible, fully customizable solution  
  3. Powerful tools that seamlessly integrate into their existing tech stack 
  4. White glove service, including a dedicated specialist who still works with them to this day 

Collaborating with Zowie’s dedicated automation expert, EmpireCovers was fully onboarded in two weeks.  

That’s just the start. EmpireCovers is constantly expanding its automation potential thanks to Zowie’s personalized recommendations based on incoming customer questions.

“With Zowie, we had a hands-on onboarding experience that let us update the virtual assistant in real time. Since customers didn’t feel like they were talking to a bot, we had excellent automation and deflection rates right from the start.” 
— Emily Spatucci Pages, Customer Service Manager

The result: A true customer service partnership

Rather than a quick fix, Zowie serves as a lasting partner that’ll elevate EmpireCovers’ customer service for good. Zowie’s AI has achieved a  resolution rate of 59%, meaning the majority of chats are fully answered without any human intervention.

What’s more, Zowie’s automation specialist remains on hand to ensure Emily and her team continue to meet their goals. Zowie’s transparent feedback process only makes this easier, letting Emily directly impact which features Zowie provides down the road. 

Thanks to this close cooperation, EmpireCovers has seen the following results with Zowie:

  • Chatbot recognition rate: 81%
  • Resolution rate: 59%
  • Drop in first response time: 89%
  • Drop in resolution time: 82% 
“I feel like I’m not just collaborating with Zowie, but I’m collaborating with everyone else that Zowie is working with. Zowie delivers new features that I didn’t know I wanted because they act on feedback from all their customers. These updates have increased our deflection rate significantly.”
— Emily Spatucci Pages, Customer Service Manager

Automation that’s got you covered

Ecommerce innovators like EmpireCovers know not to take anything for granted.

While EmpireCovers touts its product quality as a major competitive advantage, they can now comfortably say impeccable customer service helps them stand out from the pack too.

Even during peak traffic, Zowie simplifies the work for support agents and ensures customers get instant, accurate answers to their most common — and uncommon — questions 24/7.

“With Zowie, our reps can really focus a lot more on taking their time with the person that’s in front of them. There are no more distractions from customers not getting their questions answered quickly and getting frustrated. It’s fantastic.”
— Emily Spatucci Pages, Customer Service Manager

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