“We knew that Zowie was a great product but we didn’t realize Zowie could do this much for us, this quickly.”

Adam Bornak

Head of Operations



Automation in 2 Weeks


Automation in 1 Month


Automation in 3 Months




6 Markets, 6 Languages


Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia

Who is eyerim?

eyerim is an ecommerce platform for designer eyewear. They serve 6 countries in 6 languages across the CEE market, including Romania, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Poland. As the fastest growing eyewear ecommerce company on the market, eyerim has set its sights on scaling and continued growth. To support its goals, eyerim raised its fourth round of funding.   

When you’re an ecommerce company, borders don’t mean much. That’s why it’s not difficult to experience exponential, fast-paced growth. Ultimately, that’s the dream. But there’s one thing that might hold you back – continuing to provide excellent customer service.


Fast growth can turn into bottlenecks overnight. And the more markets you operate on, the harder it is to scale. That’s especially true if you’re selling in multiple languages. 


So how do you grow, scale, and provide excellent customer service, all at the same time? For eyerim, the answer was customer service automation.


eyerim currently serves thousands of customers and is growing by some 5K new customers per month. They’ve raised the funding they need to continue this growth, but scaling their customer service teams became an issue on this road to expansion.


eyerim had 3 goals when it came to solving their scaling issues: 


  1. Reduce the volume of tickets for the customer service team.
  2. Reduce the time it took to resolve a ticket.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction thanks to improved customer service.


To resolve these issues, eyerim invested in Zowie for seamless customer service automation.


Here are the results: 


  • eyerim experienced 34% automation after 2 weeks with Zowie automation.
  • Within 1 month, Zowie automated 42% of customer requests for eyerim.
  • After 3 months, eyerim saw 64% total automation with Zowie.
  • Zowie automates in 56 languages in seconds, allowing eyerim to sell anywhere. 

“We were concerned about the process of implementing a chatbot solution, but Zowie was easy to get started with and they made sure we were confident in our ability to use it.”

Alica Zoldakova

Head of Customer Experience

eyerim Looks to Automation to Assist with Dynamic Growth in Multilingual Markets

The main difficulty for an ecommerce company like eyerim is scaling its customer service teams. Currently, eyerim has 1-2 customer service agents per country who serve customers in their local language.


Looking towards the future, eyerim planned to enter new countries and markets with new languages. They needed a solution that would allow them to scale while providing multilingual customer support. 


Not only was eyerim facing linguistic challenges, but they were also finding it difficult to meet the demand that comes with fast-paced growth. Agents were handling hundreds of customer service requests per day. As they quickly found out, it’s difficult to provide excellent service when human agents have to handle every issue without support. 


Throw in a pandemic that has caused most shoppers to move online, and you have a recipe for customer service bottlenecks. 


eyerim was in the vulnerable position of juggling dynamic growth, multiple languages, and new markets. Simply recruiting more agents agents wasn’t a cost efficient solution. That’s why eyerim decided to look for an automation solution to help them achieve their goals.


“Now, creating multiple automations in ten languages is fast and easy, so we can quickly integrate with new markets.”

Adam Bornak

Head of Operations

Zowie Helps eyerim Automate 34% of Requests in 2 Weeks

Previously, eyerim never depended much on chat as a customer service channel. They decided to go with Zowie as their chat solution going forward due to its comprehensive functionalities. At the same time, they knew that offering only a live chat channel would eventually overwhelm their customer service teams.


That’s when eyerim turned to Zowie as an automation solution. Zowie seamlessly integrates with existing solutions to automate the repetitive questions that bog down human agents. All eyerim had to do was plug Zowie in and benefit from immediate automation. Within 2 weeks, Zowie automated 34% of eyerim’s customer service requests.


Now, when a question needs to go to a live agent, Zowie’s smart ticketing technology makes sure the request is routed to the right place. Smart ticketing is a great solution for customer service teams spread across multiple countries. Zowie can zero in on topics to learn which agent should receive a request based on country, language, department, and specialization. 


The third feature that caught eyerim’s eye was Zowie’s multilingual support. Zowie offers automation in 56 languages. Want to sell in Hungarian? All it takes is 1 click. Other chatbots and automation solutions can take weeks or months to automate in a second language. Zowie can automate in multiple languages in seconds.


After 3 months with Zowie, eyerim saw 64% of their customer service requests automated. That level of automation clears up bottlenecks that would otherwise hurt eyerim’s plans to expand into new markets. It also allows them to scale in a cost-efficient manner.


The best part? That kind of smart automation also increases customer satisfaction. Customers who don’t need to speak to a live agent have their questions answered immediately. Plus, smart customer service management and ticketing frees up human agents to talk to customers who need it right away. Streamlined customer service creates happy customers.

“Zowie is easy to use, the setup was fast, and we saw results almost immediately.”

Alica Zoldakova

Head of Customer Experience


The Sky’s the Limit with Ecommerce Automation

Ecommerce is a borderless industry. That also means it’s a limitless industry. You can sell anywhere, at any time, and in any language. The only downside is that you also have to provide customer service anywhere, at any time, and in any language. And that’s hard to do at scale if you don’t invest in automation. 


eyerim saw an opportunity to automate when they began shopping for a live chat solution. The results? They’ve scaled in a sustainable way and cleared the way for providing customer service in whatever market or language they want next.

Are you ready to deflect 30% of your customer service tickets today?