Zowie Delivers Hey Harper 39% Fewer Support Tickets in 3 Hours

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"We signed with Zowie just three weeks before the winter holidays, and onboarding was lightning-fast. With Zowie, we basically added a new agent that seamlessly handled our increased ticket volume."
Vasco Fernandes
Head of Customer Experience

Meet Vasco

Vasco Fernandes is Hey Harper’s Head of Customer Experience. As the manager of Hey Harper’s support team, Vasco strives to enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing his agents’ resources. 

The challenge

International expansion to the US and UK was putting a strain on the capacity of Vasco’s support team. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Vasco needed a solution – and fast – to help scale support without harming the customer experience. For it, he needed a platform that: 

  1. Could go live in less than a month to help with the holiday rush 
  2. Wouldn’t add excessive costs to their budget 
  3. Provided scalable support to address the incoming, repetitive work  
  4. Offered instant, 24/7 customer support for their international customer base

Like most CS leaders, reducing or maintaining costs was of the utmost importance for Hey Harper. With this list, outsourcing the work wasn’t an option as it would be too expensive and could damage the customer experience. Meanwhile, Vasco didn’t have the time or resources to hire and train additional agents. While he was optimistic automation could help, many CS automation providers couldn’t onboard Hey Harper in time for the holiday rush. 

We wanted customers to avoid frustrating scenarios, but we needed help fast. Instantly responding to shoppers or immediately connecting them to a support agent would give a huge boost to our customer experience.
— Vasco Fernandes, Head of Customer Experience

The solution

Then, in stepped Zowie. 

With Zowie’s all-in-one customer support automation platform, Hey Harper would be able to:

  1. Go live within two weeks and achieve meaningful automation rates 
  2. Scale with demand, keeping costs in check without harming the customer experience 
  3. Free up agents to focus on more complex tickets
  4. Meet the needs of their international audience by offering instant, 24/7 support

What’s more, Zowie backed this promise with a 30-day money-back guarantee. As part of this guarantee, Zowie pledged to recognize at least 30% of questions within the first 30 days. If they didn’t deliver, Hey Harper would get a full refund.    

With Zowie, Vasco finally had his solution. 

Zowie lets us drive conversions with pre-purchase chats, even when our agents are offline. It answers the questions that, when left unresolved, make a person leave your website without buying.
— Vasco Fernandes, Head of Customer Experience

The result: Chat automation with unmatched speed to value

Zowie was able to onboard Hey Harper in just two weeks, allowing them to add intuitive automation in time for the holidays. And it wasn’t just that: with Zowie, the results were even better than Vasco expected. 

The onboarding commitment was only three hours, and Zowie delivered on its 30% guarantee in just two days. Moreover, Vasco was able to quickly train the chatbot thanks to Zowie’s pre-built list of more than 100 FAQs specifically designed for businesses that sell online. 

Afterward, Hey Harper has continued to enjoy consistently better metrics by adding Zowie’s automation recommendations. For Vasco, these improve the customer experience, help identify trends, and offer invaluable business insights. 

With Zowie, Hey Harper has seen the following results: 

  • Onboarding time commitment: 3 hours
  • 30% recognition rate: reached in 2 days
  • Current recognition rate: 89%
  • Current resolution rate: 39%
I was skeptical about hitting the 30% recognition rate, but we reached that goal in two days. My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how smoothly Zowie worked.
— Vasco Fernandes, Head of Customer Experience

Get superior power and flexibility from intuitive AI

Hey Harper saw how automation from Zowie can pave the way for numerous opportunities down the road. Not only did Zowie provide instant relief, but its scalability means Zowie is a reliable long-term source of customer satisfaction and support-driven revenue.

Hey Harper’s lean and mean team reaps the rewards of automated chat from Zowie every single day, seeing tangible gains that impact the entire organization.

Zowie’s recommendations are insanely good. We can see what questions customers are asking—even the ones we’d never expect. This info isn’t just vital for our support team. It benefits other departments as well.
— Vasco Fernandes, Head of Customer Experience

Zowie’s 30-day money-back guarantee lets brands see if Zowie can automate 30% of your chats in 30 days. Want to try it risk-free?

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