Tropicfeel Stays Lean While Growing Rapidly Thanks to 74% Chat Automation From Zowie

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“Zowie lets our small team manage a high volume of tickets. Not only that, but our agents are now free to work on more complex tasks where customers really need their help. We know Zowie has our back and will be a huge asset to have as our startup takes off.”
Dalma Szucs
Customer Success Manager

Meet Dalma

Dalma Szucs is the Customer Success Manager at Tropicfeel. She leads a team of five service agents tasked with handling 11K monthly support tickets across four channels: chat, email, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

The challenge

Rapid sales growth was bringing Dalma’s team an increasingly higher volume of support tickets. She could see her team getting overworked, but hiring additional agents wasn’t a sustainable solution on her tight budget. Every cent counts for an early-stage startup like Tropicfeel, so Dalma started searching for a cost-effective solution that could provide agents lasting relief.

Dalma was specifically looking for something to help her overcome these challenges:

  1. A sustained rise in orders and tickets were overwhelming her slimmed-down team
  2. A growing ecommerce customer base demanded increasingly quicker responses
  3. Several alternative options were enterprise solutions that couldn’t address the needs of a startup like Tropicfeel
“Our sales doubled since last year, and my Customer Success team was completely overworked. The number of tickets doubled, and we could see that many of them were repetitive questions that ate up our agents’ time and took them away from cases where their assistance was really needed.” 
— Dalma Szucs, Customer Success Manager

The solution

Dalma wasn’t sure if she could find an effective tool that fit her team’s unique profile. Moreover, she wanted something user-friendly as she’d be the only person on her team available to implement and configure the solution. 

Dalma checked out a handful of AI chatbots and discovered Zowie suited her team’s precise needs by delivering:

  • Out-of-the-box automations of Tropicfeel’s most repetitive customer questions
  • The freedom for agents to focus on cases that truly require their assistance
  • A custom AI experience that’s budget friendly and relieves hiring pressure
“Other tools required a tech stack overhaul that just didn’t make sense for a small team like ours. One-size-fits-all enterprise chatbots that just automated everything wouldn’t do us any good. Only Zowie provided us with a tailor-made solution that detects what to automate and what not to automate without missing a beat.” 
— Dalma Szucs, Customer Success Manager

The result: Instant replies, unfettered growth

After onboarding Zowie, Tropicfeel’s Customer Success team immediately felt the workload of repetitive tickets taken off their shoulders.

Within three months, Zowie had helped them realize the following results:

  • Automation rate: 74%
  • Decrease in chats transferred to agents: 13%
  • Annual growth rate: 2x
  • Additional support agents hired: 0
“Zowie is performing much better than we had anticipated in terms of numbers. Our most common questions, like tracking order status, no longer make it to our agents. Thanks to this, our team of five is able to handle over 11,000 monthly support tickets and counting. 
— Dalma Szucs, Customer Success Manager

Changing the customer service game for startups

When startups are just getting off the ground, it may feel like they’re on their own. Limited resources can make growth seem like an uphill battle.

As Tropicfeel found out with Zowie, though, that isn’t always the case.

Zowie is an easy-to-implement solution that shortens response times and lightens agent workload—all without breaking the bank.

If you’re a high-growth ecommerce startup like Tropicfeel, Zowie can be the partner you need to scale without getting weighed down by tickets, costs, or complicated tools.

“Zowie’s helping us keep our head above the water at a crucial stage in our business. It’s a cost-effective solution that’s great for lean teams like ours, and maintaining it only requires one person. I set everything up on my own and don’t need any assistance configuring more automations.”
— Dalma Szucs, Customer Success Manager

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