Zowie allows our team to focus more on customers and provide better service for retaining customers.

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager


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Who is UMZU?

UMZU is a manufacturer of all-natural health supplements that was founded in 2015. Most of their sales come from their website, but UMZU also sells products on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.


UMZU’s Challenges:

  1. Rapid growth that outpaced hiring
  2. Long ticket backlogs and response times
  3. Agents facing heightened workload from repetitive questions

We had a great problem—we were growing a lot faster than we could staff. Within a few months, we doubled our size and revenue, and we couldn’t hire people fast enough to handle the workload.

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager


Through a chat widget on UMZU’s website, Zowie’s virtual assistant handles all incoming chats from customers. Zowie determines if a query requires basic information that’s easy to find or is quite complex and requires a human agent.


Zowie’s top five automations for UMZU are:

  1. How can I cancel my subscription?
  2. How can I cancel my order?
  3. I need to contact you by phone
  4. How can I get a refund?
  5. How do I delay my order?

Simple tickets are automated through different integrations that Zowie has built in with Recharge and Shopify, so customers can take ownership over their own accounts.

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager

UMZU’s customers can now manage their subscriptions directly over chat through a Recharge integration and check order & tracking information through an integration with Shopify.


Today, Zowie:

  1. automates 84% of UMZU’s chats
  2. deflects 50% of tickets
  3. has helped email traffic drop 50%


Zowie is currently saving UMZU over 6 hours per conversation. The result? Improved employee retention and agent satisfaction, bringing stability and scalability to UMZU’s customer service.


With Zowie, the UMZU team feels that they can really focus on their specialty. They can really dive into this type of area of helping the customer. They grow that expertise, and this helps with employee retention.


UMZU’s agents can now focus on more complex customer interactions that require their expertise. And agents aren’t the only ones who’ve seen a jump in satisfaction—Zowie has produced a rise in customer satisfaction (CSAT) for UMZU as well.


A fair amount of UMZU’s customers prefer using email or telephone when making customer service inquiries. Even they are seeing faster, higher-quality answers. Agents are no longer pressured by a lengthy backlog of customer chats.


With Zowie, UMZU has seen resolution times drop across the board.

Following Zowie, our agents can use their problem-solving skills and their creativity to solve more complicated issues for our customers or for our team.

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager


Through chat automation, UMZU transformed customer service into a source of revenues.


Agents can spend more time communicating with first-time customers describing products, addressing concerns, and providing any additional information visitors might not know.


Agents can also create personalized recommendations based on a customer’s individual needs. Zowie makes it easier for UMZU’s agents to propose specific products over chat. Agents can guide customers to a product’s page and help them complete purchases.


As a result, UMZU has seen higher conversion rates since teaming up with Zowie.


Automation from Zowie has led to lower:

  1. Response times
  2. Agent workload
  3. Email traffic


Automation from Zowie has led to higher:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Employee retention
  3. Conversion rates & revenues


Zowie had a lot of features built into live chat where product experts could suggest different products as they were talking about them. 

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager

UMZU delivers exceptional customer experience with Zowie

Chat automation lets fast-growing ecommerce brands like UMZU take their customer service to another level. UMZU now has a scalable team that doesn’t have to worry about answering customers’ most common questions. AI chat from Zowie is driving customer satisfaction higher, and agents can now generate revenues.


If you’re a fast-growing ecommerce brand like UMZU, Zowie can help you deflect repetitive questions, care for customers, and sell more.

Zowie really seems to understand our goal and mission and supports us in that. And we don’t get that with any other systems.

Amy Hockinson

Customer Care Manager


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