The 3 Reasons True Classic Trusted Zowie to Power Their Customer Experience

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March 27, 2023
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Austin Fontanella

Meet Breanna Moreno and True Classic 

Breanna is a leading customer service professional and industry expert who serves as the VP of CX at True Classic – a top men’s lifestyle and apparel brand. She prioritizes building a team that emphasizes agent efficiency, exceptional customer experiences, and long-term company growth.

Take it from her why she made the switch to Zowie 

Reason #1: Zowie offers AI that’s personalized to their business

Zowie took the time to learn True Classic's challenges and opportunities, building a customized solution specific to their needs. Furthermore, Zowie’s award-winning AI (Zowie X1) continues to provide True Classic tailored recommendations based on customer feedback.

Reason #2: Zowie is a dedicated partner fully committed to True Classic’s growth

Zowie’s team of experts works closely with True Classic to set them up for sustained success. Backed by a dedicated Zowie rep, they’ve gained the technology and expertise to create a solution designed to scale with them.

Reason #3: Zowie unlocks unrivaled efficiency for True Classic

With Zowie, True Classic has enjoyed industry-leading automation rates, freeing up agents to make the most out of every interaction. What’s more, the previously manual and time-consuming process of collecting and analyzing the voice of the customer is now 100% automated.

The Zowie magic 

Zowie is the only AI-powered customer service automation platform with all the tools you need to automate tickets, delight customers, and turn support into more sales. Don’t settle for anything less.

Join True Classic and experience a new level of customer experience today.