How to Select the Right Customer Service Automation Tool for Your Business

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Bottlenecks and long wait times will ruin the customer experience too. Is there a way out? And that’s what this ebook is all about—helping you […]

How to Successfully Automate Customer Service in Your Ecommerce?


Zowie is proud to invite you to our Learning Experience with Eyerim’s Head of Operations, Adam Bornak. Learn more about customer service automation, why it […]

13 Customer Service Trends That Are a Must for 2021


COVID-19 has changed the future of customer service. There has never been more demand or more change needed.  But…

Masters of Customer Service #3: Mariana Koudela, Perlego

Masters of Customer Service

They say the best way to get flawless at things is by learning from your own mistakes. We believe…

Customer Service Pros Offer 5 Ways to Win Black Friday


That sound you hear is countless Customer Service managers and teams making their final preparations for the Black Friday deluge. If you’re…

Zowie Raises $600k to Expand Internationally


We’re excited to announce that Zowie growth is fuelled by a $600k investment round led by Central European fund Inovo Venture Partners…

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