The New Wave of Customer Service #4: Elif Koral from Livestorm

Customer service is evolving at a rapid pace, so having a conversation about the field’s major trends and topics has become particularly important. 

Zowie’s New Wave is a series of interviews with trailblazing experts from the customer service industry. They’ll be offering insights and laying out their vision for the future. 

Today, we meet Elif Koral, Head of Customer Experience at Livestorm.

About Our Guest

Elif Koral is Head of CX at Livestorm. She joined Livestorm as the Customer Success Manager in 2017, making her their first customer-facing employee.

Her responsibilities included delivering exceptional customer experience across different channels (email, chat, video), customer onboarding, and improving self-service. She then had the opportunity to build her team from the ground up. She focused on recruitment, process improvement, and leadership to accommodate the company’s fast-growing team and customer base.

Today, she ensures that Livestorm‘s teams thrive and feel empowered to offer the best experience to customers while expanding the CX program to new territories.

What does excellent CS mean to you?

For me, excellent support entails helping customers in a timely manner with a personal touch while making sure customer effort stays minimal.

What do you spend the most time on as a Head of CX and what would you like to spend more time on?

My main duties revolve around scaling a growing team, introducing new processes, and improving existing ones—all while protecting the team culture and environment.

What I’d like to do more of is experiment and find new areas of discovery to take our CX program even further.

What are your biggest challenges in CS/CX?

I’d say the biggest challenge is keeping high levels of reactivity and quality with a growing customer base.

Your customers stick with you because they trust your product and services. You have to make sure that you keep delivering on that promise.

In your opinion, what will change in CS/CX within the next 5 years? What are the main trends?

I believe proactive support will become more significant. Specifically, companies will build flows and processes where they can anticipate issues and address them before customers need to reach out. 

We’ll analyze how customers interact with our products, which will propel contextual messaging and content accordingly.

How could CS and CX teams work together better?

They’re two sides of the same coin. I’d emphasize documentation, encourage knowledge sharing, and support finding a common, unified vision that all teams can work toward.

What are the challenges around automation in CS/CX?

Finding the right balance between automation and human support is a major issue. You always need to keep the level of customer effort in mind when building automated support.

Automation can provide all kinds of speedy solutions, but customers should still be able to reach out to a human in case they really need to.

We want to thank Elif for her valuable insights.

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