The New Wave of Customer Service #1: Laura Levy from

Customer service is evolving at a rapid pace, so having a conversation about the field’s major trends and topics has become particularly important. 

Zowie’s New Wave is a series of interviews with trailblazing experts from the customer service industry. They’ll be offering insights and laying out their vision for the future. 

Today, we meet Laura Levy, Customer Experience Program Manager at

About Our Guest

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Laura started at in January 2019 as a Customer Success Manager. There, she learned the ropes of helping customers across email, phone, webinar, and demo support alongside onboarding accounts. She was quickly drawn to the quality and operational side of providing excellent customer experience.

Prior to her current position, her early career centered on education and creative initiatives to educate ESOL learners. Laura focuses most of her efforts on helping scale her team across support channels while providing top-notch customer experience.

What does excellent CS mean to you?

Excellent CS means delighting our customers as much and often as possible with high-quality standards and a personalized approach.

What do you spend the most time on as a CX Program Manager and what would you like to spend more time on?

Hands down, I spend the most time in meetings.

It would be great to have time to strategize and support my team members more closely than I’m currently able to. There’s even more that we could do to improve processes and provide quality enablement. This would, in turn, help us to better serve our customers.

What are your biggest challenges in CS/CX?

I find it an exciting challenge to scale a support team and its operations—and do it well. This is made more difficult with an extremely complex and ever-changing product.

Day to day, I also find it a vital challenge to drive motivation in agents when our reactive support channel is 90% email communication. This can become repetitive and monotonous over time. A major question that occupies me is: how do we motivate and retain high-quality agents over time?

In your opinion, what will change in CS/CX within the next 5 years? What are the main trends?

I think that agility will come down to specialization and segmentation. Customers want to have the ability to choose their preferred support channel, and live/proactive support will increasingly become a priority for customers.

It’s also clear that personalization and empathetic support are highly valued and will play an important role in winning and retaining customers.

Ultimately, CX is now a major brand differentiator, and I think this trend will only continue in the next several years.

How could CS and CX teams work together better?

First, I think CS and CX teams could be better at understanding various pain points from both sides, i.e. support and account management. Then, teams need to establish clear processes to communicate and escalate important information or issues. This is often missing in CS/CX teams.

And I think teams can do more to consider how both CS and CX support customer enablement and recognize what each side offers.

What are the challenges around automation in CS/CX?

Personalization is top of mind for me. How do you make your customers feel special or unique through automation? I also think that the ability to pivot the customer experience strategy and turn the conversation around is an interesting challenge when it comes to automation.

We want to thank Laura for her valuable insights.