How to choose the right customer service tools

What tools are available? What should you consider? How can you make informed choices?

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Companies invest time and resources to understand and adapt to consumer behavior – that’s nothing new. But customer sentiment has changed more rapidly than ever1 in the past couple of years. In retail spending, online penetration has increased by ~30%2. At the same time, brand loyalty is shifting: around 40% of consumers say they are buying from different brands.


There’s also a competitive advantage at stake. Companies that invest in great CS and CX reap returns 3.5x greater3 than companies that don’t. It’s not just about short-term customer retention, but long-term loyalty.


Tech solutions are making it possible to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. They are transforming the workplace for CS agents, enabling remote work and lightening the load for CS teams.


Zowie’s Ecosystem Map shows the growing list of tools and categories that are changing customer service.

What it covers

– Customer Service landscape overview
– Why different tools are helpful
– What to consider when choosing new tools

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